Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the BHCS Senior Pathways frequently asked question list. These answers are continually being updated as parents and students ask more questions.  

How many subjects do I have to choose?

We encourage all students to begin with six subjects in Year 11.  This allows you to experience a broad range of subjects.  It also provides some 'wiggle-room' should we need to adjust your subject load.  In some circumstances with consultation with the Head of VCE & VCAL a student may be able to reduce the number of subjects to five.

What is a folio subject?

Any subject that requires you to produce a Folio of Work as part of the assessment and course work.  At BHCS our Folio subjects are Visual Communication and Design, Studio Art, Product, Design & Technology (Wood) and VCE VET Kitchen Operations (Hospitality).

Is there a limit to how many folio subjects I can do?

Because Folio Subjects tend to be quite labour intensive, we encourage students to undertake only two Folio Subjects at one time. 

Do I have to do Math in VCE?

No, you do not have to do Math to achieve your VCE. However, many university courses require a level of Math.  Some courses may only require Year 11 Math it is imperative you check this out when make your decisions.

Do I have to do English?

Yes, you must successfully complete at least three Units for English to achieve your VCE.  You can choose between English or English Language at BHCS.

Do I have to accelerate into a VCE subject when I am in Year 10?

Absolutely not.  This is offered to those students who would like to be challenged and extended academically. 

How many subjects can I accelerate in?

Generally students accelerate in one VCE subject. A very small number of students may be given permission to undertake two.

Can I start VCE and then move into VCE VM?

Yes, but only at certain times. There is generally a cut off for VET courses early in the year (this varies between trainers), and VCE VM must include a VET subject. In this case, students usually have to wait until after Year 11, and then transfer to VCE VM at the start of Year 12. If you are already doing a VET course as a part of VCE, this makes it easier to change during a year.

Can I undertake a VET subject through VCE?

Yes, it is possible.  If an external VET course is undertaken through VCE, the cost is borne by the family. Students must be aware that it is their responsibility to get to and from the course and catch up on any work that is missed.  

What if I start a subject and don't like it, can I change subjects?

Generally yes, it just depends on when you would like to change.  This is best done at the end of a Unit, or in the first couple of weeks.  Accelerated students are not constrained so much by the timing.

Are student numbers limited in classes?

We endeavour to keep our class sizes to no more than 26 in VCE classes.  VCE VET Hospitality is limited to 16 as this is the number of workstations in the Commercial Kitchen.

Can I swap between English and English Language?  

If you think that you might want to do English Language then we recommend doing this in Year 11 because due to the structure of the English Language curriculum, it is very difficult to transfer from English to English Language. If you would like some advice about which English would suit you we recommend speaking to your current teacher. It is possible to move from English Language to English at the end of Unit 1 or at the end of Year 11.

 What if I am interested in doing a subject that is not currently listed? 

If you are interested in a particular subject that is not currently listed and not enough students in your level make it possible for us to offer it then we you may be able to undertake this subject via distance learning - this is through Virtual Schools Victoria. For more information on this you can email Vicky Fraanje. 

Is there a minimum number of subjects I must do?

Yes, in Year 11 it is 5, in Year 12 you must undertake at least 4 subjects.

Can I study a language other than French?

Yes, several students are studying a language other than French.  This usually occurs on a Saturday through VSL (Victorian School of Languages). The cost of this is borne by parents but does contribute to the ATAR.